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Case Study

Task: Let’s assume Quickbooks is on a mission to offer the best pet insurance product to its customer base. For this case, Intuit has set up a managing general agency to directly distribute a pet insurance offering with a sponsor carrier.

You have one year to define and build the set of partnerships, technology, and operational infrastructure to power this offering.

  • What are the end-to-end operations that would have to be set up to distribute and manage this new product? More importantly, what would you highlight as the most complex component of the operational roadmap -  how would you mitigate this risk?

  • Which tradeoffs would you make assuming we also had limited resources?

How does that influence your decision to build, partner, or buy?


The Discovery process involved a significant amount of research. Getting to know the nuances and pain points to Pet Insurance. Once I was able to obtain some information about the industry, I wanted to dig into personas and stakeholders as well as competitors in the space.

Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 11.54.13


Understanding the end-to-end policy journey from the customer's perspective makes it clear to identify any integration or third party needs as well as potential risks to conversion and pain points in the experience.

Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 11.54.34


The best way to inform decision-making is to rely on data. In this case, understanding what the team size would need to be to support operational needs will help determine which integration opportunities will be the most cost-effective. Above all else, impacts to the customer experience and speed to market must be considered.

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Case Study: Features
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